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TwentyYoungThings is a hub of personalized, branded content on personal finance.

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Swipe left and right on basic personal finance questions. Need better credit? Swipe right. Like dating, but with your money.


As you go through the questionnaire, the app uses your answers to create a personalized list of resources.


Life moves quickly, so save your favorite articles to access later through your personal account.

On The Go

Have your most important information at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere. Like your very own money guru in your pocket.


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See it in Action

This trailer provides a sneak-peek tease of TwentyYoungThings and its offerings, and highlights the benefits it provides through original video content. Video editing software was used and uploaded to YouTube.

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"I had no idea how to get my finances on track after college, let alone where to start my journey. TwentyYoungThings was the place to go"

Ryan Hodges Axis Connection Network

"I loved being able to take a questionnaire about my finances in a fun and interactive way"

Bridget Buchanan Animor Video Company

"The content was informative and based on my own needs. It helped me identify which brands I want to work with"

Matthew Gibson Albend International